Album 2019/2020:

!distain (Loneliness, The day she died, Politicians)

Damasius Venys [Mondträume] (Dust)

Norderney (Futurism)

Nórdika (Psychological)

Rene Anke [Logic & Olivia] (Save me)

Psyche (The Light Disappears)



Album "Birthday and Death" 2017:

!distain (Dunkle Zeit, Mein Weg, 2806, Birthday and Death, Where in this World)

Henrik Iversen [NamNamBulu] (Prediction, Unforgotten)

The Eternal Afflict (Sun of Sin)

Roberto Lindner [Kontrast] (Publikumsmagnet)

Xavier Morales [Ruined Conflict] (Funeral of Love)

datasushi (Relikt)

Anne Goldacker (Also without You)